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Index – Kultúr – The hit Netflix series is back with its darkest season yet

Index - Kultúr - The hit Netflix series is back with its darkest season yet

I’ve finally started Locke & Key – Enter your own lock match raw materials? It’s about time, because compared to the basic comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, the TV adaptation has been watered down. For some reason, Netflix saw the potential for a mystical magical production for the whole family, reminiscent of Harry Potter. True, this lighter version had its moments during the first two seasons, but reviews have complained that they simply omitted the horrific service that was lock and key– Laptops made great.

We had to wait until the third season premiere for the series to show a more serious resemblance to the comic book. On August 10, Netflix published a file Locke & Key – Enter your own lock The final episode was eight episodes long, and the season opening was unexpectedly dark.

The Locke family may have never broken… Their long battle with the alter-demon Dodge ended in vain, and the older brother, Tyler (Connor Jessup) lost his love. For this reason, the man walked away from the sometimes frightening mystery that the Key House hides. In the castle owned by the family, if someone does not know, there are hidden keys that give the person special abilities: either you can use them to enter the consciousness of others, or you can use them to fly through the world like a ghost… The range of possibilities seems endless.

It’s a huge difference compared to what we’ve seen so far, that in the opening segment of last season, Luke’s children’s mother, Nina (Darby Stanchfield), was already burdened with a family secret, as she remembers it all. Thanks to one of the keys. Kinsey (Emilia Jones) is still busy filming and now planning a wedding, while in her spare time she hunts around the yard in animal skins with girl Bud, younger brother (Jackson Robert Scott).

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Until two terrible witches knock on the door. Bodhi is captured, and if all that wasn’t enough, the problem is compounded by the appearance of the character introduced in the previous season’s finale, LostFrederic Gideon, played by Kevin Durand, is seen at the bottom of the well that caused the first jalepa to appear.

Still the same family-friendly series Locke & Key – Enter your own lock, The one we loved despite all the series’ ups and downs and the Harry Potter copycat style?

Partially (unfortunately) yes. The Locke & Key – Enter your own lock Its weaknesses such as gruesome special effects and smiling side characters have not disappeared. At the same time, we can finally and for the first time say that magic keys seem to have acquired a larger role. The protagonists know how to use it, they don’t despair when a bloodthirsty supernatural creature or two attacks them. Instead, they use their minds and work together to blow them away.

We’ll never know what would have happened if Netflix had dared to go in that direction Locke & Key – Enter your own lock As they did with Sandman: Prince of Dreams. If they didn’t do the latter, we’d say Joe Hill’s adaptation is one of the funniest fantasy on the streaming service. So it slipped a bit further down the line, but we still love watching it. Although we realize that a file Locke & Key – Enter your own lock It falls right into the fun comet category. It’s good enough for that.

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6.5 / 10

All three seasons of Locke & Key are available on Netflix with Hungarian dubbing and subtitles.

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