INDEX - INTERNAL - They will start Balaton tourism in winter in the Lapland way

INDEX – INTERNAL – They will start Balaton tourism in winter in the Lapland way

Tamas Fechetti, A.; Balaton tourism The vice president of the association wrote in his announcement that many events are held even before the Christmas period, which can prove once again that Lake Balaton is not closed after the end of the summer season, and that Lake Balaton in winter can also be an attractive destination for Hungarian families.

Peter Escovach, Open Lake Balaton In the announcement, a measure advisor noted that program managers in Balaton Settlements could make better use of the Advent period by working together. According to him, for this, the leaders and professionals of tourism and marketing in settlements in the region should follow the example of Finnish travel professionals.

The strategy was developed in Lapland

The consultant explained that in the 1980s, the Finnish authorities developed a new tourism strategy in the province of Lapland, the central element of which was the village of Santa Claus in the city of Rovaniemi. He added that thanks to the successful campaign, Santa’s residence in Lapland is visited by more than half a million travelers every year, about 60 percent of whom are foreigners and the rest are domestic visitors.

Tourists spend 2.9 million nights near the town of Santa, which has a population of no more than sixty thousand people.

A well designed and executed Santa project on the Finnish model could create a winter tourist season in the Balaton region that would encourage not only Hungarians, but also families from neighboring countries to travel. The expert added that, according to MTI, in a destination operating on the basis of a well-thought-out plan, guests will spend more than the average, even if the December period is not the main season in this region.

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(Cover photo: Balaton Ice Hotel in Balatonfenyves on January 29, 2019. Photo: György Varga/MTI)