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Index – Interior – The report submitted by Gyula Vikedal to State Security regarding Viru Nagy was revealed

Index – Interior – The report submitted by Gyula Vikedal to State Security regarding Viru Nagy was revealed

Gyula Vikedal was already known to have reported to State Security under the pseudonym Dalos. In August, in connection with this, it was revealed that the internal rejection of socialism was also observed at the premiere of King István.

In this regard, ÁBTL has now published a document that was classified as top secret at the time. In the report written on September 20, 1983, exactly forty years ago, Vikedal’s guard officer, Police Lieutenant Robert Gabor, described what Gyula Vikedal had told him about Viru Nagy a few days earlier, on September 14, when they met in a public place.

According to Officer Tempe. [titkos megbízott, vagyis Vikidál Gyula – a szerk.] It was reported that István, a király has been proposed for the State Youth Prize, and when the musical material for the rock opera will be released, as well as the film made on the subject. Then the musician mentioned that “After the last performance, the actors and directors of the film had a joint dinner and

During dinner, etc. He had a friendly conversation with Ferenc Nagy, who played a Hungarian man in the play.

“During the conversation, Ferenc Nagy spoke bitterly about how much he regretted the years he previously wasted with his frivolous behavior. He said that since he has been working hard, his big albums and solo albums for his band have been released, and his film role is also a great honor for him. Last year, he received “In his opinion, it is useful to work hard, because it has both material and moral values,” Gyula Wekedal said of the conversation between the two, according to the report.

He said he uses his press contacts to try to discredit rival teams, including Vikedal. In this regard, ÁBTL pointed out that Gyula Vikedal had said bad things about Schuster in other reports, so this could have really happened, but what was his goal with this – did he expect the authorities to protect him from journalists, or did they? He simply wants to pour his soul into his guard – we cannot know.

This was the result of the report

Regarding what Vikedal Nagy said about Vero Nagy, according to the report, ÁBTL wrote: “We don’t know if it really happened that way.” Vero Nagy said something, whispered “Dalos,” wrote Robert Gabor, a state security lieutenant. , a report on it.” But it is certain that the report had practical results.

In his assessment of the report, the state security officer wrote that Gyula Vikedal was a “reliable and controlled person.”Some of what he said can be verified from other sources. Regarding his statements regarding Vero Nagy, he pointed out that the musician had not been verified as an F-file person (i.e. enemy) for a few months, but was only “listed in the search history,” and from what Vikedal said, it seemed to them that they did not really have to consider him. Enemy.

It can be clearly demonstrated that there is a positive change in Ferenc Nagy’s behaviour, outlook and attitude towards work. We will review it within the dates specified in the ministerial decision, and based on that, we will propose deleting it from the research register.

– wrote a state security officer.

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