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Index – Homeland – Viktor Orban traveled to Bucharest to attend a mini-summit, and it became clear who he did not want to see at the head of NATO

Index – Homeland – Viktor Orban traveled to Bucharest to attend a mini-summit, and it became clear who he did not want to see at the head of NATO

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held a meeting in Bucharest on Wednesday afternoon with Kelemen Hunor, President of the Hungarian Democratic Alliance in Romania, then with the Romanian Prime Minister, and finally with the Heads of Government of the EU Member States and the EU President. the Council – Announce Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister's official spokesman.

On Wednesday, the Hungarian Prime Minister held a working meeting for the first time with the Prime Minister of Romania, Marcel Ciulacu, accompanied by the Romanian Minister of Transport, Sorin Grindeanu, and the Minister of European Union Affairs, János Buka, at the Victoria Palace.

a You are masturbating According to his report, after joint negotiations with the Romanian and Hungarian Prime Ministers, Kelemen Honor stressed: “Romania and Hungary have many common interests within the region, which they can jointly represent in Brussels. If the member states of the former communist bloc in Central and Eastern Europe cooperate within the framework “United, it will be easier for everyone to assert their interests.”

The Hungarian Prime Minister will then head to the European Union on Wednesday evening Strategic agenda 2024-2029 Viktor Orban joined the preparatory meeting in Bucharest with the Prime Ministers of Croatia, Belgium and Slovenia, the President of Romania and Charles Michel, President of the European Council. On the official website. According to Mazzol, prominent politicians discussed EU priorities in an informal way.

The Strategic Agenda is a document to be adopted at the end of the EU institutional cycle, which identifies the strategic challenges for the next institutional cycle and provides guidance to the EU institutions. The timetable is approved by Heads of State and Government, and before a decision is taken, the document is reviewed on several occasions in small groups in several European cities.

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The mini-summit also discussed nominations for the position of NATO Secretary General. In addition to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is also a candidate for this position, but the latter is opposed by Hungary.

After the joint press conference with Michel, Klaus Iohannis said he had no intention of withdrawing from the nomination, even though several major NATO member states confirmed their support for Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte for the post of Secretary-General. He added, “I have no intention of backing down or negotiating anything else. I am focused on NATO, and yes, statements are being made, but I still believe my chances are real.”