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Index - Homeland Janus Wollner will be foreign affairs attache in Singapore

Index – Homeland Janus Wollner will be foreign affairs attache in Singapore

Former Jobbik politician János Volner, who would later work in the government Wollner party He founded his own political organization under this name, which he later did Huxit party Baptized. From now on, the opposition politician will work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and will be a foreign economic attache in Singapore, according to Telex.

The information was also confirmed by the Ministry’s spokesman Matti Pakzulay, who said: The appointment of Janus Wollner is under way.

The doors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have always been open to those who are ready to work for the Hungarian national interest, and this will not change in the future either.

said the speaker.

However, Janus Wollner is not the only former Jobbik politician to receive a diplomatic mission. As we wrote, Janos Benchik, former Member of Parliament, next year Consul General in Toronto Although the resident diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade did not disclose much about his diplomatic service, all that can be known is that he may travel to Canada sometime in the early months of next year, and his appointment will be for a period of 4 years.

In this regard, the official spokesman for foreign affairs, A for the paper He also said that many former left-wing politicians work in Hungarian diplomacy, and do their job well, which is evidence that “the interests of the party can be set aside and it is worth working for Hungary”. Finally, Mate Pakzolay added, “For us, the enforcement of the Hungarian national interest is always in the first place.”

(Cover photo: Janus Wollner in parliament on June 3, 2020. Photo: Zoltán Balogh/MTI)