Index – Homeland – An earthquake occurred on the Hungarian border

At dawn on Monday, a small earthquake was detected in Transcarpathia, near the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.

According to the report of the Kárpáthír portal, the earthquake occurred at 3.15 am. It may have been centered in the Nagydobrony district, located 19 kilometers west of Munkács, near the border.

The earthquake, which measured 3.3 on the Richter scale, occurred at a depth of about two kilometers.

Oleksandr Kendzira, a specialist at the Ukrainian Geophysical Institute, told Ukrainian news channel TSN about the quake. He said. expert a Carpathian News He said that the earthquake was detected at almost all Transcarpathian seismic stations. He added that earthquakes are not common in the region, but the current ones are slightly stronger than usual, and people can feel them in several settlements in the region.

According to Oleksandr Kindzera, most of the residents heard the shaking of the chandeliers on the ceiling at night. As he said, people now react more sensitively to earthquakes because of the disaster in Turkey, and such small earthquakes can cause worry and anxiety.

The expert emphasized that there was no destruction or material damage in the earthquake that was detected in Transcarpathia. Real Transcarpathian word according to his report The competent seismological center reported the following:

The earthquake did not pose a danger to the population. According to his classification, he felt it strongly, which was felt by many inside the building, but few outside. As a result of tremors of this intensity, people usually wake up, windows, doors, dishes shake, floors and walls creak.

In recent weeks, there have been reports of small earthquakes from Romania and Serbia as well.

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