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Index – Home – David Pressman welcomed the start of Budapest Pride with new celebrity guests

Index – Home – David Pressman welcomed the start of Budapest Pride with new celebrity guests

David Pressman, US Ambassador to Hungary, welcomed the new celebrity guests for dinner and conversation on Monday. His invitation was also accepted by Zsolt Osvat, Lilo, also known as Ildiko Kovalcic, and singer Olah Ibolya. The occasion of the meeting was the beginning of Budapest's pride, according to the embassy's pages on social media.

As Index also reported, last year, on the occasion of Pride Month in June, it hosted famous Hungarian personalities belonging to the LGBTQ community, such as Peter Arvay, co-founder of Prezi, Peter Ungár, president of LMP, and singer Tibor Kocsis or WhisperTon, one of the most famous flu agents. In Hungary.

Sandor Petofi Love freedom! The ambassador wrote in his previous letter that his work was an ode to “freedom and love.” “It has never been more important to defend both of them,” he added, sharing a photo of El Molino outstretched.

“This month – as every month – the United States proudly stands alongside Hungary’s brave LGBT community in their fight for freedom and equality,” the diplomat said. She received guests with her husband.

Daniel and I are honored to welcome our prominent allies and supporters to our residence for dinner and conversation to mark the beginning of Budapest Pride.

David Pressman wrote on X.

Hungarian celebrities have visited it many times, and not just out of pride

David Pressman regularly invites a group of Hungarian musicians and influencers to dinner. Last December, the US Ambassador to Budapest was also able to meet Al-Azhariya, Florida, Ivan, Parasol and Margaret Island during a dinner conversation. At the time, the politician described the musicians who attended the dinner as Hungary's most famous and talented “rule breakers”.

In January this year, he invited young talented Hungarians to his residence, and among the guests were the spouses Puskas Dalos and the Olympian Aaron Szilagyi. “Last night, we invited an incredibly successful and talented group of young Hungarians – including entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes and artists – to discuss their views on world affairs, Hungary and our common future,” he wrote on his social media page at the time. .

In March, YouTuber Zsolt Osváth and Carlson Coma singer Giorgio Fekete were among the guests. Guests also included pianist Missy Boros, car racer Viviane Kesteli and Olympic long-distance silver medalist swimmer Krzysztof Rasowski. Later, the Pamkotia duo shared on social media that they had a long conversation with the US Ambassador in Budapest about how they see the future of Hungary, what they think are the main problems of youth, and what can be done about it. Make the country less divided.