Index – Foreign – Tehran denies enriching its uranium stockpile to a level close to nuclear weapons

Tehran denies enriching uranium to more than 60 percent, after the International Atomic Energy Agency found uranium enriched close to the level required for nuclear weapons in Iran.

He added, “So far, we have not taken any steps to enrich uranium above the level of 60 percent. Today, Monday, Bahriz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, said that the presence of enriched uranium particles above 60 percent does not mean the start of nuclear production activities linked to increasing uranium enrichment above 60 percent.” cent.” The official Iranian news agency, IRNA. Inspection of Iranian nuclear facilities

IAEA personnel found enriched uranium to 84 percent in Iran,

It is very close to the level of about 90 percent required for weapons, diplomats announced on Monday, while the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that it is in constant dialogue with Tehran on the latest developments.

Iran has begun enriching uranium

Since April 2021, Iran has enriched some of its uranium reserves to a purity level of up to 60%. And three months ago, at another mountain site, the Fordow uranium enrichment plant, it also began enriching the stockpile there to a purity level of 60 percent.

Two diplomats confirmed to the British News Agency (Reuters) the original news, which was published by the American economic and political news portal “Bloomberg News” on Sunday evening.

The question is whether this is just technical misconduct, or whether it is the result of (deliberate activity). In any case, the IAEA asked Iran for an explanation

One of the diplomats told Reuters.

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hidden change

In early February, the International Atomic Energy Agency criticized Tehran for not informing the international organization of the major change that affected the relationship between the two sets of centrifuges that enrich uranium to a level of nearly 60 percent at the Fordow facility.

Many diplomats explained that the practical significance of the subtle change was that Iran was able to shift quickly to a higher level of uranium enrichment.

In 2018, the United States withdrew from the nuclear agreement (JCPOA) signed by Tehran and Western powers in 2015, which allowed Western sanctions to be lifted on the Central Asian country in exchange for curbs on Iran’s nuclear activities.

Tehran responded to the re-imposition of US sanctions in 2015 by withdrawing restrictions on Iranian nuclear activities agreed in the deal and increasing Iran’s uranium enrichment to a level after which IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi declared the Iran nuclear deal was now an “empty skeleton”. . “”.

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