Index – foreign – New Zealand’s new Prime Minister, Chris Hepkins, has been installed

At the ceremony, Hipkins was sworn in by the Governor-General of New Zealand, Cindy Kerro. The 44-year-old Hipkins, the island nation’s 41st prime minister, promised in his inaugural address that he would focus on economic life affected by the inflationary pandemic. However, in just nine months there will be a general election in New Zealand, according to opinion polls Hipkins PT He might lag behind the conservative opposition.

Hipkins described the assignment as “the greatest privilege and responsibility of his life.” He emphasized that he is full of energy and excited about the tasks ahead. At the same time, Deputy Prime Minister Carmel Cipollone was inaugurated at the ceremony: this is the first time that a politician from a Pacific island, a Tongan, can hold the position.

hipkins Many people refer to him by the nickname Chippy, which has stuck to him because of his cheerful disposition, and also, it is claimed, because he has a reputation as a wit. In Ardern’s government, she led the ministries responsible for policing, education and public services. During the epidemic, more attention was paid to it, as it played an important role in treating the coronavirus epidemic.

Jacinda Ardern has unexpectedly quitAfter five and a half years as prime minister. The 42-year-old politician explained his decision by saying this very tired He challenges the past years and would like to devote his life to his family for a while. However, he will continue his work in the Legislative Council until April.