INDEX - FOREIGN - Joe Biden may be indicted if he loses midterm elections

INDEX – FOREIGN – Joe Biden may be indicted if he loses midterm elections

Several Republican members of Congress have already stated that they will impeach Joe Biden if they seize control of the House and Senate in the midterm elections scheduled to take place within days.

They say that if they take control of the house and the Senate, they will impeach me

– Joe Biden said in the California campaign for Democratic Representative Mike Levine.

I don’t know why the hell they’re going to press charges

– He added, and although his comment brought relief to the audience, the president emphasized that he was “not joking.” The House of Representatives can accept an indictment by a simple majority, but a two-thirds majority of the Senate is required to convict and impeach the president—writes: NEWSWEEK.

The impeachment inquiry may focus on the business affairs of President Hunter Biden’s son, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and allegations related to the presidential election. Joe Biden isn’t the only politician who could face impeachment after the midterms: Republican lawmakers have proposed similar charges against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

(Cover photo: Joe Biden on November 2, 2022. Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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