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They prepared for the mission long before the events of US President Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China launched a similar device two years ago, which also serves secret purposes, Futura writes.

The Long March 2F launch vehicle took off from Jiuxuan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert on August 4 – China’s Xinhua news agency reported – and successfully put the “experimental reusable spacecraft” into low Earth orbit.

Not surprisingly, the Chinese space authorities have not released any footage of the launch, nor have they released any details about the nature or characteristics of the spacecraft.

A press release only stated that the spacecraft would be used “to test reuse technologies for the peaceful use of space.”

They also did not specify whether this was the second flight of the spacecraft used in September 2020, or whether it was a new spacecraft.

The craft, which was launched on Thursday, is expected to orbit “for some time” before returning to Earth in China. Supposedly he can stay on the field longer than spacecraft launched in 2020, He flew for two days. The Space Defense Tool then followed the 18th Space Defense Squadron of the US Space Force.

Although little information is available about the newly launched spacecraft, past data and activities indicate that it may be an unmanned spacecraft that could be put into service within the next few years.

This spacecraft is believed to be China’s response to the US Air Force for the X-37B spacecraftwhich is currently on its sixth mission and has spent a total of more than 800 days in orbit.

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The French newspaper reports: In 2017, China said that it wants to test a reusable spacecraft in 2020, having spacecraft with logistical and operational capabilities similar to the X-37B.

the scientist As a reusable spacecraft only The X-37B continues to generate curiosity and concern due to the secrecy surrounding its missions.

The newspaper wrote that the Russians and the Chinese were “nervous” and “rightly suspected” that the Americans would use the spacecraft for military purposes and not for scientific and peaceful purposes.

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