Index - FOMO - Zoltán Bereczki has canceled several concerts due to illness

Index – FOMO – Zoltán Bereczki has canceled several concerts due to illness

It’s slowly become a tradition for Zoltán Bereczki to come out with a new Christmas song every year, which isn’t surprising, as the actor and singer admits he loves the holiday season so much. But this year, his accounts are interrupted by an unexpected illness: He’s suffering from serious laryngitis.

The bad news is that I have laryngitis, as I mentioned before. The thing is, I can speak on my voice, come up, and then it goes away

– said Zoltán Bereczki on TV2’s Mokka show.

The actor and singer also said he will have to cancel all of his weekend concerts and will head straight from the TV studio to his doctor to see if he will be able to perform on Monday. By the way, Zoltán Bereczki won’t stop until December 20th, and he’ll be attending a lot of lectures, concerts, and performances, so he asked everyone to make sure it all comes together.

He added, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good Christmas season for so many things to come together, so many opportunities to go to so many places, so I really want to be able to do that.”

As we wrote, several TV faces within TV2 The virus has spread over the past few days, which according to Attila to be a star in Star! He ran through his entire cast, pushing Babett Köll through the broadcast almost without a sound last Sunday, but Gabi Tóth also suffered from illness, which had to cancel several shows because of this.

The presenter told about all this in a video uploaded to Facebook on the occasion of his 51st birthday. In the recording, Attila Tell said that he had been ill this week, had a severe sore throat and a cold, but despite all this he continued filming.

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(Cover photo: Zoltán Bereczki. Photo: Patrícia Bodnár / Index)