Index - FOMO - Two famous Hungarian actors fell in love with each other

Index – FOMO – Two famous Hungarian actors fell in love with each other

The Peter Czeke and Peter Trukan families have been linked for decades. However, few know that they were there for their other partner, after which the exchange took place. This is what they told Best magazine, which was reviewed by Blikk.

If someone thought there was a bed-to-bed stroll or a change in heat between us, we should be disappointed. In the seventies, in our college years, I went with Athena. We were about the same age as my last wife, Bernadette, but she was doing an operetta, and Athena and I were listening to prose. I didn’t even know Detty, I’ve only seen her in pictures and on covers. We introduced ourselves to each other years later, but I’m not dating Athena anymore

Peter Cechke remembers.

And Peter Trukan and I fell in love around the same time. We lived together for about six years. And I think that while Peter loved me, it was clear that he was already watching Athena on the front pages…

Sarah Bernadette joined the conversation.

But only after we broke up with Detty did we meet Athena! This was already the case in the early 80’s

They did not live in a city, said Peter Trukan, who revealed that the two families had yet to meet. In fact, they didn’t even look for each other’s company at first. The birth of children finally brought the two families together, and the parties began on Lake Balaton, organized by the theater, and then on the idea of ​​Athena, their vacation in Greece. In the end, they met every month. See the actress:

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I don’t think there is anything unusual about being a cross when we were young. This also proves that similar people are attracted to each other.

If Athena looks at Detty, she has almost sibling feelings, writes six magazines Blikk lipstick.

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