Index - FOMO - Tibet Kasza's Wheel of Fortune takes on nostalgia, but doesn't take itself too seriously

Index – FOMO – Tibet Kasza’s Wheel of Fortune takes on nostalgia, but doesn’t take itself too seriously

This wheel of fortune is a strange commodity. It’s hard to tell if it’s inappropriate, which makes it a totally cute and likable show or a ramshackle concept for some reason you can’t help but watch for sure, we can’t speak of any minor shame here and now while watching Wheel of Fortune, but there’s still some exciting vibe interesting.

Everyone knows the concept, because for several years since 1993, the duo of Victor Klausmann and Tamas Gagdus has been in everyone’s living room with a big wheel, thousands of cash prizes on it, a lighted wall and a kind and charming assistant who stood there to spin through vowels and consonants. Presentation is nothing more than a word puzzle that does not require any lexical knowledge, you just need to be able to spin a big wheel and you have to guess well.

Perhaps a lot about the show tells us that it was able to produce one unforgettable moment, often quoted to this day,

You know where the shark loves it.

The show is like a metro, and the set also strongly reflects the disco era, but without any fetishism. The great innovation in Wheel of Fortune is Tibi Kasza, the casual deception, loose chirping, and terrifying voice that comes with him as a guest star.

There is a Kasza Tibi that can be loved or hated, and there is no middle ground. However, he is perfect in this view. Based on the first two broadcasts, he gives himself the right amount and at the same time leads the show tightly. Of course, he wrestles with his somewhat co-stars, Pope Josie and King Victor, who are invited and attended to the Gray set to be the funny fixed place. This would also be a good solution for the safety game, as the other two contestants might not be able to create a broadcast while the show could be taken out with a celebrity. So there are two celebrities, Kasza Tibi plus an ever-changing guest “performer” getting ready to play. Both are responsible for relieving stress. And that happens a lot based on what’s going on so far.

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And yes, as we noted at the beginning, that’s why everything has some awkward charm. It was as if the rules were not clear, as if many finer details had crystallized at once, but there was no time to re-record the flawed scenes. But in the meantime, it’s still a wheel of fortune, and it’s not a killer show where everything has to be perfect. This is where the 2021 Wheel of Fortune can be really good.

It gives a retro feel, but doesn’t cling to it jerky, it takes on loose nostalgia, but only in a way that doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

Since it’s a show where the letters are pronounced, luckily, the creators didn’t want to force it on the TikTok generation and make it awkwardly young and trendy. This is not what the faces in the center will say, but a very visible layer has already been captured.

The first broadcast brought a very good view. Beat the first episode of The Farmer’s final season, Marry on RTL. What can still be seen from Nielsen’s audience measurement data is that with the onset of the Wheel of Fortune, many people switched to TV2 and then didn’t leave until the end of the show.

There is only one puzzle.

What do you need a magician’s assistant that walks back and forth at the edge? He really has nothing to do unless that wall has a touch screen. But the truth is that he also needs the metro to feel alive.

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(Cover Photo: wheel of fortune. Photo: TV2)

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