Index - FOMO - There's a Christmas without Kevin, but not with us

Index – FOMO – There’s a Christmas without Kevin, but not with us

We all got used to it during the holidays Lots of movies From TV – although it’s also worth noting that most of them have been broadcasting for thousands of years. One of the indispensable characters of the Christmas season Kevini.e. a Home Alone! The protagonist of the first two parts. Although many people have seen these movies at least a hundred times, they have somehow become unforgettable and iconic creations of the holiday season. Years ago, they advertised it on TV No Christmas without Kevinwho was an authority at that time, A.N Home Alone! to misery around.

In recent years, it has only happened once that it has never been possible to say with certainty whether they will be rescheduled. It was first broadcast on RTL in 2012, although in summer time, and from 2013 to 2017 the first two parts of the film were shown on December 24 and December 25 on the channel. The situation was complicated by the fact that TV2 acquired the rights to the show in 2017, however, in the program newspaper, on the other hand, it was mentioned that on December 24 on TV2, Star with a small +1 star It will cost you extra, while it costs RTL Klub Thus is life comedy.

TV2 finally gave in, and the first two parts of the film were broadcast at the usual two times, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Home Alone! However, the uproar caused by the uncertainty surrounding its broadcast showed how important it is for Hungarians to see not only their loved ones, but also Kevin at Christmas. However, this is not the case everywhere!

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Other films are also very popular

Although most people in Hungary cannot imagine Christmas without watching Home Alone! All his parts are on TV, in other countries they aren’t there just for Kevin. They made one in 2020 study, where they investigated which of the thirty most popular Christmas movies were most searched on Google in eighteen selected countries. In accordance with this, in France and Brazil, for example, 1984 monsters It was unbeatable in searches, but it was published in India in the year 2000 Greenwich enjoyed the greatest popularity.

It is interesting that in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada and South Africa A what the hell? 2003 movie named true love They were most popular in Spain, England, Australia, New Zealand and Norway. What can be said to be a more recent movie, released in 2019, is somewhat out of line last christmas, which among the countries examined was loved only by the Germans. While in the United States and Italy in 1993 Christmas nightmare Leaderboard led. Similar to Hungary, in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates Home Alone! It was the finish line.

Is this confirmed?

Although it becomes clear from the study which parts of the world are the most popular films according to Google searches, this should not necessarily be taken for granted, because – understandably – it is impossible to take individual preferences into account. On the Internet you can find many forums where residents of different countries discuss this issue. According to a British user, for example, in the UK a Miracle carThis is it Oz, the wonders of wondersThis is it true loveAnd the snowmanThe polar expressThe die hard! The Christmas carol and the what the hell? It is a huge hit on TV during the holiday season.

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The situation is similar in Singapore, according to a resident’s report true loveAnd the GreenwichThe Home Alone!The what the hell? and the polar express It is shown on TV almost every Christmas. In the United States, this is a more subtle issue, as what people like to watch during the holidays varies from state to state. Graduate of 2020 Research According to the question of 1200 residents, a Home Alone!Which Life is beautiful and the Christmas holiday Follow.

Although there is no information about that yet What movies this year It will broadcast through local channels, however, based on previous years, the following acts will almost certainly be shown: Shivering, Thieves!, Mayhem for Christmas, Holiday, Love Actually, Polar Express, Ice Magic.

Worst Christmas movie ever

An IMDb page is probably the best way to track which products are popular with viewers. On the platform, all users can rate how much they like the selected movie on a scale of ten. Based on the reviews, there is a separate list of the best hundred and worst about creation. One or two Christmas works also fall into the latter category.

Based on the movie’s story, the 1964 story is probably the worst Santa invades Mars you can say, and it is about the decision of Martians, because there is no one on Mars to give gifts to their children, to kidnap Santa Claus. However, upon arriving on Earth, they are overwhelmed when they see several disguised Santa Clauses, so they decide to take two kids along who can determine which one is the real one. Knowing the above, there is no need for further explanation as to why it is on the list of worst movies.

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(Cover image: a scene from Treszkessetek, Thieves!)