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INDEX – FOMO – The reason for his visit III has been revealed. Caroli to Romania

INDEX – FOMO – The reason for his visit III has been revealed.  Caroli to Romania

The diplomat told the Romanian news agency Agerpres that III. In the person of Caroli, the British monarch is visiting Romania for the first time. However, his current visit will be as special as the King’s visits to Romania when he was Prince of Wales. He said that this year will be 25 years since III. Karolyi first came to Romania in 1998.

The ambassador did not disclose details about the program. As he said, after visiting the Cotroceni Palace, which serves as the residence of the Romanian Head of State, the visit will be of a special nature.

Recalling: the British monarch has many projects in Romania, which he implements in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, and he often learns about them during his visits, and this is expected so far.

And Andrew Noble added: The British government also cooperates with non-governmental organizations in many areas, third. As King Karoli, he could continue his activities in this direction, in consultation with the government. He stressed that it was a private visit this time.

He added that he does not disclose more details specifically so as not to violate the privacy of the visit. “One of the great advantages of Romania is its silence, like this [a király] “We treat his private visits on this basis,” Agripress quoted the diplomat as saying.

Last Tuesday, Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Cioca confirmed that the third. Karolyi, King of the United Kingdom, who was crowned at the beginning of May, will visit Romania on June 2nd. As he said, the Council of Ministers, which he presides over, is playing a role in preparing for the visit along with the Presidential Court and other institutions.

As Prince of Wales, Karolyi has been a regular guest in Romania since 1998. He has also bought several houses in Transylvania and a village farm in Zalanpatac in Sicklefold, which he visits almost every year.

The British royal family also has Hungarian-Transylvanian roots: the king’s mother-in-law, Rhédey Claudia, was born in Erdőszentgyörgy in Maros County in 1812 and raised in Rhédey Castle there.