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Index – FOMO – The Oscar-winning actor has been discharged from the hospital

Index – FOMO – The Oscar-winning actor has been discharged from the hospital

As our previous paper reported, on the morning of Tuesday, April 11, 2023 American time, American comedian Jamie Foxx was hospitalized after developing health complications. Although the family did not provide accurate information about the circumstances, the daughter of actor Corinne Fox asked everyone not to contact them until her father recovered, and to respect their privacy.

Later, a friend of the actor, Martin Lawrence, spoke in an interview that Foxx began to feel better as a result of the treatments. His health condition is still a secret, but the actor has now sent a message to his fans on his Instagram page.

Not much is known about the actor’s health, but according to TMZ, his close relatives are asking all fans to pray for the Hollywood star.

Now fed up with the internet spreading theories about her dad, Jamie Foxx’s daughter has announced that he has been discharged from the hospital and recovering at home.

Corinne Foxx wrote on Instagram on Friday: “Update from the family: So sad to see how the media is trending. My dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recovering. In fact, he played pickleball yesterday! Thank you all for your prayers and support!”

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Jamie Foxx’s daughter added. (Pickleball is a game that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis.)

Before Corinne Fox’s letter, word has surfaced outside that Jamie Foxx’s family is preparing for the worst. According to some, the fact that the actor is being artificially kept alive has become commonplace, he said. TMZ.

(Cover photo: Joe Maher/Getty Images)