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INDEX – FOMO – The legendary Sandor Oster estate has big plans ahead

INDEX – FOMO – The legendary Sandor Oster estate has big plans ahead

Kossuth and Jászai Mari Award-winning Hungarian actor Sandor Ozter died of a heart attack in October 2021. His daughter, actress Alexandra Ozter, told Blikk how she spends the grieving family days at the actor’s legendary Diósjenő estate.

As he puts it, according to experts, the grieving process takes about five years, and he and his loved ones (his mother, Donatella Filoni, his partner, Tamas Popović, and his son, Aksilo) feel healthy. To process the loss caused by the loss of their father.

We can now remember my father by remembering the funny and happy times

said the to blink.

His memory is preserved in a dignified manner

The actress lives on the Diósjenő estate with her son, while her mother, pianist Donatella Filoni, spent her summers at Lake Balaton. The whole family strives to preserve the memory of Sandor Oster in a dignified way.

I named my father’s estate Ostzter-udvar, where I am trying to build a community. I would like to hold regular classes, including experimenting with painting, drawing, and children’s camps in the summer

– Alexandra said, adding that the property is large, has a separate house and a separate room, and they would like to bring horses there again so that young and old can experience the fun of riding, which also brought many happy moments to her father.

He noted that, to the delight of fans of the Sándor Rózsa chain, he also wants to open a bar on the estate – with special equipment.

Sandor Ozter was a real dramatic hero on stage, and his film career is primarily associated with the main role of the twelve-part series Sandor Rosa on Hungarian television. He played in many movies outburst (1970), a I can’t live without music (1978), a 80 hussars (1978), a Job rebelled (1983), a Wild (1988) each brings a figure sculpted by Oster.

Then it was a decade and a half before he appeared on screen again. It was noted by Attila Arba colloquialIn (2004), in The Real Hungarian Dirty Movie, he played the character of Betty’s gangster, Milkman. Antal Nimrod took on a smaller role in 2017 whiskey (2017) as well.

In this article, Index recalls the successful and memorable career of Sandor Oster, who passed away at the age of 73.