Index - FOMO - Schobert Norbi: There's a point beyond bankrupt

Index – FOMO – Schobert Norbi: There’s a point beyond bankrupt

Norbert Schubert posted a video on social media a few days ago, in which he announced that Brussels was responsible for the energy crisis. According to the fitness coach, he not only supports the Hungarian government’s version of this statement, but really believes it.

According to him, Europe “was kept alive by industrialization” for decades, but now it has cut off the lines that supplied it with gas and oil. This is how it is believed

The United States is also doing well, arming Ukraine with religion, while it is European Union Sink back into the Stone Age.

On whether it is moral for Europe to punish Russia with sanctions, he said When Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats were shooting at each other and throwing bombs on the territory of Hungary, no one spoke About penaltiesAnd Brussels was not punished even when the Ukrainian Language Act was adopted, thus banning the use of the Hungarian language in Ukraine.

With regard to national consultations, a for mandarin:

I consider it an important step and I will participate in it. If it ends positively, the Prime Minister will be able to show in Brussels that the Hungarian people also take a stand in favor of the abolition of sanctions.

And also, according to him, it will have a tangible effect only when “citizens of EU countries take to the streets and not just demonstrate.” Norbert Schubert believes that because of the cold winter, “fires, looting, massacres and a significant deterioration in public safety are to be expected.” By the end of the year, he added, a wave of bankruptcies is coming that will crush both the EU and Hungarian economies.

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can go bankrupt

Norbert Schubert’s work has already been affected by the crisis. According to him, many of his stores were closed in the past period, but they were also able to open new ones. At the same time, he has been putting his own money into his business for two years, during which he has to help his partners survive.

But there is a point after which I go bankrupt

– The fitness instructor noted.

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