Index - FOMO - Returns to screen Andrea Várkonyi

Index – FOMO – Returns to screen Andrea Várkonyi

like before inform usTV2 host, Andrea Varconi – who is already TV2 Board Member The last one was in 2021 I sing to you It was shown on television in connection with. Since then, although he has not responded to a TV request, he has published a book detailing On his relationship with Lőrinc Mészáros.

However, Várkonyi has again taken charge of the festive show this year, which will be shown on television on April 9. The charity program will be shown for the third time and will raise funds for refugees from Ukraine this year, according to a statement sent by TV2 to our editorial office.

As they wrote, many Hungarian musicians, including Zoltán Bereczki, Charlie, Bogi Dallos, Ildikó Keresztes, Majka, Curtis, Ibolya Oláh, Joci Pápai, Gabi Tóth, Róbert Wolf, Kati Wolf, Linda Király, Csaba Király, Tamás Vastkag, Victor Rakonczai, Francesca Toricczyk, Mark Ember, Familiar Faces, Kowalski and Vega from groups have pledged to support the initiative. He will also go on stage with a children’s choir from Transcarpathia singing school Stoica Vanessa, who was born in Uzhhorod, became known from the show.

In addition to Andrea Várkonyi, András Stohl will also host the concert evening, and Donation Center Nóra Ördög and Attila Till will be able to bid on the guitar provided by Ákos Kovács.

(Cover Photo:
Andrea Varconi on February 12, 2017. Photo: The Velvet)

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