Index - FOMO - Prince Andrew's case is not investigated by British authorities

Index – FOMO – Prince Andrew’s case is not investigated by British authorities

He moved on, but Prince Andrew’s case was far from over. The second queen. Elizabeth’s son was accused of sexual assault in August by a woman named Virginia Joffrey, claiming that as a teenager, through Jeffrey Ibsen’s intercession, she was forced to sleep with a much older prince.

There was a rumor last week that Prince Andrew might get away with it, given that he had received a secret document in which, in exchange for some compensation, Virginia and Jeffrey Epstein agreed that the woman

Remember to represent anyone who was the “beneficiaries” of the Billion Fence Network.

Virginia Joffrey’s attorneys said the case was not materially affected by the judge’s decision to turn over the agreement for inspection.

But in recent days, the London police have completed an investigation against the Prince and Mirror No further steps have been taken. It is entirely up to the United States to hear the case, as Joffrey originally filed the suit seeking compensation. Prince Andrew and his legal representative deny that they are currently working to have the charges against him dropped in the US as well.

It will be discussed next week anyway Jesslyn Maxwell who also served as a fence between the underage girls and Epstein. Virginia Joffrey and Prince Andrew reportedly met at his home.

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