Index - FOMO - Petit Puskas's response to Robert Bozsir's criticism

Index – FOMO – Petit Puskas’s response to Robert Bozsir’s criticism

As the index wrote earlier, in the ceremonial edition of Partizan Tibor Bakash has criticized Peter Puskas-Dalos with heavy criticism, referring to the period in which he appeared on Megastar. The critical journalist, who appeared on the show as a jury member, said Puskas might have been wrong at the time because talent scouts were not born to find such characters. Of course, the critical notes were immediately picked up by the press, so they got to the person in question very quickly, and Puskas was so offended that he was not in public office soon after. Trimmed to Bakács on Facebook. His wife did not leave the events without a word either: Boglárka Puskás-Dallos also commented on the events on her community page, after which He was defended by Alex Colleague in a long post.

These days By Robert Bossier There was also writing in which the author commented on Péter Puskás, with rather heavy criticism, and on the actor and singer. This article, which appeared in the opinion section of the index, has already been unveiled by Peter Majoros – the presenter and rapper will soon appear on the index page as well. Reaction to his critical words, detailing what he believes in Puzsér.

Peter Puskas was clearly influenced by the fact that so many people have taken the side of his critics. The now-actor and singer thanked all this on his Instagram page, adding that he still does not understand why he has become a “target for narrators of the older generation.”

I’ve been thinking a lot over the days and weeks about what I’ve done to become the target of an older generation of narrators, but perhaps most importantly, I want to thank you for the many kind gestures I’ve received in person or in a letter from my family, friends, colleagues, and you. That someone has taken the time to publicly express their love for me, so I want to once again thank my wife and friend Alex and Majka, my buddies, and Western for feeling that the outlaws want them to speak on my behalf, even if they are also involved in an online struggle. It caused me a lot of unwanted stress, but I got more touching feedback, and I’m so grateful to everyone. With love and thanks: Puskas-Dalos Petit.

(Cover image: Peti Puskás. Photo: Tamás Kaszás/Velvet)

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