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Index – FOMO – One and a half million people watched Andras Stoll fall flat on his face

Index - FOMO - One and a half million people watched Andras Stoll fall flat on his face

The TV2 historical series The RTL channel also started the train of nostalgia, as the first episode of the two-part program was broadcast on Sunday, which collects unforgettable television moments from the past quarter century in a bouquet, on the occasion of the 25th birthday of the channel. At RTL Sztori – similar to the holiday radio broadcasts shown in the competition – legendary people share their experiences with the channel, bringing to life RTL’s iconic productions.

In the first chapter, current and former TV characters introduce viewers to ancient secrets behind the scenes, E . talksAntonia Ross, Istvan Zelle, Evie Barabbas, Palace Sebastian, Pence Estense, Lilo And the Sándor Friderikusz Also, from previous screens for example Andras BatizR Nora the DevilR Andras StollR Monica from TransylvaniaR Stephen FagoR Robert AlfoldiAnd the Sándort Fábry and István “Kokó” KovácsHe was also invited to the show. Unlike TV2, in the RTL series, the broadcast was not framed by a joint conversation in the studio – they spoke to the guests separately about the scenes that were shown to them beforehand.

Estefan Zelle was also on the opening team

At the beginning of the program was called the beginning of the channel. October 27, 1997 was RTL’s first real broadcast day, when István Szell had the task of presenting the products and their faces to viewers. Although this moment was a bit chaotic in the news reporter’s memories, the end result filled him with satisfaction even then.

On Sunday’s evening show, invited guests also shared what it meant to them when the channel went missing – Andras Stoll, for example, said RTL fundamentally changed his life, and Robert Alfoldi feels he owes it precisely to his career. After that, the programs that were hosted by the channel were taken one by one, and it was also revealed who came to RTL and how the colleagues were related to each other.

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The one who took care of himself in front of Istvan Fago

At that time, the channel’s iconic programs included: Monica and the palaz showAnd I’m sure a lot of people remember him. Monica Erdelli saw an ad in a weekly that national television was looking for a female anchor, and she immediately applied for it—and so she became an RTL host. Balázs Sebestyén also underwent a casting process before she even got her own show, and after it turned out that Mónika and Baláz’s shows were filmed in the same studio and that she shared a dressing room with Mónika Erdélyi, there was no hesitation in telling her about it. You have reached.

I put signed business cards everywhere for Mooney—in her dressing room, on the mirror, on the toilet, on her door—to let her know I’m here. In fact, our short but stormy relationship is over here. That was a great introduction to me, indicating that I had made it to RTL – at the time I was already pretty naughty from my TV music period…

– explained Balázs Sebestyén, who later came into conflict with István Vágó. Although common spider face They were still good at the time of their show, but later on, when Adventure wall! On one of his broadcasts, together with Janos Vadun, he impersonated the audition director and managed to offend him. Although, according to Sebestyén, there was no problem with the parodies, Vadon eventually went over the limit by one sentence, and his comment became a huge mess. Istvan Fago was so offended that it took many years to settle their relationship.

We sat in the dressing room wondering why we couldn’t stop, why it wasn’t enough to just get in, and why do we have to say that? But actually I think you should get married. No matter the size of the icon, it is important that they are able to maintain their attitude to humor and laugh at themselves. Of course, we slipped a little. Our entire profession actually revolves around saying things, putting them in quotes, but there’s still a little message there. Who reacts well, who reacts less, who reacts sensitively, who reacts little to this very sensitively

Sebastian explained.

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The fall of Andras Stoll is etched forever

When it comes to tokens, The real world He was not left out of the lineup, which basically revived the channel with Lilu. The presenter said that although she was practically pushed in front of the cameras during the first broadcast, she then decided that she wanted to do it for the rest of her life. The name Péter Majoros later appeared in connection with the reality show – he was among the players who reached the highest level after the reality show.

Lilo later remembered the time she drove with Nura Erdoğ A star is born Search for talent. In this regard, she emphasized: There has never actually been an example of two presenters posing for cameras before – and the strangest thing is that they saw the joint work differently: while according to Nóra Ördög, they worked well together, Lilu believes this attempt was unsuccessful. Let’s say that at first he couldn’t really collaborate with András Stohl either, but Nóra Ördög especially liked working with the actor. This is supposed to be a mutual thing on Stoll’s part, especially after Nura Erdogan’s reaction in 2007 when she A star is born In the live rendering of the show, a torrential rain fell. Whoever saw it will probably never forget this moment.

I felt myself get down on the floor, and I saw my feet, one, two… and I was seriously thinking that Pandey, a million and a half people watching you fall on your face, somehow you have to move on from this. I wish you a good evening, this is where a star is born! – That’s how it happened

– Commenting on the surreal scene, Stoll, who before the fall wore a staff and then a walker for a while due to a leg injury. Seeing his huge jacket, Nura Erdoğan said with a startling protein, very calmly:

András is a hero because he walks these stairs for the first time without walking!

There are no synthetic villains in The X-Factor

The A star is born Besides of course x factor He has not been left out of the series, whose eleventh season is currently available to viewers on Saturdays. Of course, the mentorship team for the talent hunt has changed a lot over the years, among the current decision makers, Peter Puskas was the one who shared his feelings about production at RTL Sztori. The actor met his partner on that show, but he still has more than good memories of the X-Factor: the time he fought with Laci Gáspár, for example, isn’t a particularly enjoyable experience. Although many people accuse them of orchestrating disagreements between mentors, Puskas denied this, and also clarified that he is generally considered a calm person, but

In addition to the above, there were a lot of other productions on the Sunday evening show that we might not even think of ourselves, but if they mention us, we think about them again with a good feeling. It still works today news station And the to focus behind the scenes Fabri showSándor Friderikusz Software, az Day and night in Budapest and the breakfast His big moments were not excluded, and among the speaking faces on the screen – complemented by others – are several RTL story She will also appear in Chapter 2, which viewers can see on October 30.

(Cover image: Andras Stoll. Photo: RTL)

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