Index - FOMO - Looks like the ice between Harry and William is breaking down

Index – FOMO – Looks like the ice between Harry and William is breaking down

It’s been a long time since the world has been explaining the relationship between Harry and William. The relationship between the princes has deteriorated ugly lately, which is why many blame Meghan Markle, who eventually convinced her husband to leave the British royal family behind. It was said that this was the point that caused a near-irreversible fracture in William.

The American couple from Sussex also moved to California last year to move their headquarters to a charity named after Archie, a boy named Archie. After that, the brothers did not talk to each other at all, in the same way that Meghan refuses to negotiate with the paternal branch of her family, even though they often go out of their way to portray the princess in the worst possible color in front of the world.

William was completely blinded by the decision and announcement of Harry and Meghan. Incredibly injured, yet he has his family there to focus on and try to move on

An acquaintance said last year.

Harry and William have not seen each other for a year, and they have not kept in touch. In April, their late grandfather, At the funeral of the Prince of the Philippines They met again, but until then they were not immersed in each other’s company. surprise At the opening of the statue of Diana The brothers arrived when they arrived laughing in the palace garden. At the time, the angry relationship between them seemed to have improved a lot, but Harry soon returned to his wife, and that was all that was left. The us weekly Yet it is now stated that the brothers did not leave each other’s hands – nor did their wives.

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I know the four of them are talking to each other on Zoomon and FaceTime. They are very close to each other

said Pierce Stewart, author of Diana: The Voice of Change.

These conversations are informal, Stewart added, while in conversation Catherine often snoops in the kitchen while William makes tea, so they’re talking to Harry. This, of course, does not mean that all disagreements have been set aside, but the Cambridge princely couple are trying to stay away from scandals and bring as much peace as possible to Meghan and Harry.

while II. Elizabeth surrounded herself with lawyersTo prepare for the publication of the autobiographical writings of his youngest grandson. Prince Harry has promised memos next year, and there are signs the Queen is worried that something will come to light that will paint the Prince a good color, but less so in the yard. However, there are those who still claim that II. There is an inextricable connection between Elizabeth and Prince Harry’s family, and the love is almost tangible.

(Cover photo: Princes William and Harry on April 26, 2018. Photo: WPA Pool / Getty Images Hungary)

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