Index – FOMO – Katy Perry was in a pinch at the coronation ceremony

The third was crowned on Saturday. Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla, in Westminster Abbey. The king and his wife were crowned by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, in the presence of 2,300 guests, including nearly a hundred heads of state, including Hungarian President Katalin Novak. The court, in consultation with the British government, invited guests from 203 countries to attend the ceremony.

Also present at the ceremony was American singer Katy Perry, who got into a somewhat embarrassing situation before the start of the ceremony. A video of Perry walking up and down the monastery confusedly spread across the Internet, because

He doesn’t know where to sit.

This is also strange because there was a strict seating arrangement at the event. Despite this, the pop star asked those present how

Is this place free?

Many people suspect that the singer couldn’t see properly because of her huge hat, which is why she couldn’t see where her seat was.

After the ceremony, Katy Perry herself responded to the unpleasant incident on her Twitter page:

Don’t worry guys, I finally found my place

Singer wrote.