Index - FOMO - Justin Bieber threw a party for nearly 100 people at the Castle Hotel in Tora

Index – FOMO – Justin Bieber threw a party for nearly 100 people at the Castle Hotel in Tora

14.08.2022 3:35 pm

Friday’s front-runner, Sziget Festival, thanked his crew of around 100 people for their work on the tour at a private party after his concert. At his request, the scene of the castle hotel in Tora was turned into a paranormal theme.

From Justin Bieber’s Instagram posts on Saturday, it can be concluded that the world star, who sang at the Zygit Festival on Friday, stayed at the Tora Castle after his concert. According to Index, the singer held a party there for his crew of nearly one hundred people, among the props he performed in the superhero costume seen on his social media page.

We know that the star was not only interested in superhero costumes, but she also asked to design the castle scene in Tura on this topic. There was his wife Hailey Bieber, his dog, his assistant, and even his doctor. Although the pizza was only ordered for performance, here they put together a more serious menu with the chefs.

According to our information, the selection was made for the István Tiborcz Castle in Tura, because presumably the tour director found this location the most defensive, believing that unauthorized persons could not disturb the internal event here.

We contacted BOTANIQ Turai Castle to find out the details of the event, but they weren’t willing to confirm that the photos the world star posted on Instagram were taken there.

Index was also present at Justin Bieber’s Island party, our report You can find it here.

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(Cover Photo: Justin Bieber performing at the Sziget Festival in Budapest on August 12, 2022. Photo: Joseph Okpako/WireImage)

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