Index - FOMO - Justin Bieber couldn't take it, he canceled his tour again

Index – FOMO – Justin Bieber couldn’t take it, he canceled his tour again

07/09/2022 07:15

Due to exhaustion, the Canadian star has paused his Justice World Tour concert series for an indefinite period of time.

Justin Bieber announced on his Instagram page on Tuesday evening that he had to cancel his tour again due to his health crisis. The Attracts huge crowds Sziget Festival fans were able to see the Canadian singer up close in the summer, when he achieved his biggest hits in Hungary.

The performance was so successful that it topped the festival after his concert at a private party He thanked his staff of about 100 people for their work on the tour at the Castle Hotel in Tora.

For a while, it was doubtful whether he would cancel his show in Hungary, because at the beginning of June, his concerts were canceled after it was revealed he had Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. diagnosedAs a result, half of his face was paralyzed.

So the singer continued the Justice World Tour and delighted the audience with six European concerts in July, but as he wrote in his statement, he was very exhausted during this time.

After his performance at Rock in Rio, Brazil, Bieber wrote:

The fatigue overcame me and I realized that my health was now the most important thing.

For now, the singer is taking a break from touring, but for how long is a big question. He already has a party scheduled next spring in the Hungarian capital. According to the initial plans, the Canadian star will appear at the Budapest Sportarina on March 11, 2023 at eight in the evening.

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(Cover image: Justin Bieber. Photo: (Joseph Okpaku/WireImage/Getty Images Hungary)

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