Index - FOMO - I'll be a star in the star!  From several million winnings to the winner

Index – FOMO – I’ll be a star in the star! From several million winnings to the winner

Sunday night With the victory of Istvan Cézar I will be a star on TV2 Star! The second season of his show. The singer, whose master was Peter Majoros in the competition, impressed the audience by hiding in the finalist Freddie Mercury and Zambo Jimmy.

According to Gabi Tóth, among the jury members, Csiszár won the show with great distinction, performing in the finals at such a high level that one could really feel that the summoned artist was on stage.

I experienced in a live broadcast that the legends that no longer exist among us! When I went up the stairs and slammed Freddy into Mercury’s position, my throat tightened properly.

She said to the index after giving it to the index.

István Csiszár I will be star in the star! winner

Peter Majoros was also terribly satisfied, according to him, Istvan Cesar was good all the time, although he never won a private broadcast, he managed to beat everyone in the final, including Marco Gabor, who was his biggest opponent.

He gently waited for the last turn, and when he finished, he outdid everyone else. It’s so drawn to the finish line! I don’t want to use big words, but I don’t think he had a discount here in the final, he brought two of these products

Majka said, adding that he’s never seen anyone mold Freddie Mercury so well.

After the broadcast, István Csiszár said the victory was a great feeling for him, as his goal was to get as far as possible and take as many characters as possible onto the stage. It was also a great experience for him to stand on stage with Erica Mikluza and see how a world star rejoices in his success. He does not yet know the fate of his 10 million fortnite prize, but it will most likely benefit others as well.

I want to donate somewhere from it, and help somewhere in every way

– The most diverse singer in Hungary said when asked about the pointer.

winning products Here You will find.

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