Index - FOMO - Ildikó Keresztes cried in a live broadcast

Index – FOMO – Ildikó Keresztes cried in a live broadcast

TV2’s Dancing with the Stars show featured Saturday night by inviting several famous singers to join the production of the contestants’ dance. Kata Dobó and György Köcse are made by the Vienna Circus, with Ildikó Keresztes providing the background: singer Balázs Fecó a year of silence He performed his song that they had previously sung together.

a year of silence One of Balázs Fecó’s early compositions, which was later released in a duet with Ildiko Keresztes in 2000. years of silence It was released on the album, but due to the pandemic, it became relevant again last year, he said new copy With the participation of Zoltan Maga and his daughter Jennifer Maga.

Ildiko Kirstis and I also filmed a clip for the song:

The singer prepared for Saturday’s show with this song, but the production exploded in memories again as a result of the production. Balázs Fecó at the age of sixty-nine, He passed away last November. Award-winning composer Kossuth and Ferenc Liszt, the founding leader and famous singer of the band Korál, have been hospitalized with a coronavirus infection, but despite prayers across the country, his organization couldn’t beat the disease.

I sang for both of us. Not only because of them (Ildiko Kirstes resorted to the dobo kata), but also because of and for Fecó, which is no easy feat.

– singer András Stohl told after production, adding that he tried to shed light on the whole thing, the points weren’t interested at all.

I think that people’s souls are touched so much today that I can’t find the words, nor get angry…

Referring to the epidemic, Kata Dobo added: I don’t want this period back, and it would have been good for them to dance this now. They were affected by this situation in the same way, as competitions were suspended, and they could not even try,” added György Köcse. He is very grateful to his partner and Ildiko Kerichs for being able to dance in this way, not only because of the above, but also in memory of Balázs Fecó.

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You can take a look at the interview here:

production here:

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