Index – FOMO – Ibolya Oláh explained why she acted so strangely on Star Star

On Sunday evening, the semi-finals of TV2’s Sztárban Sztár took place, in which the contestants had to compete with each other as well as their individual productions. Ibolya Oláh performed the song Hooligans with Tamas Sipos, and they both tried to portray the band’s singer, Tibor Ördög, aka Csipa, on stage, which was also funny because neither of them fit the role. Sipos’ comode wasn’t actually rock and roll, and Oláh Ibolya, whatever it was, was singing in her own voice the whole time. Regardless, the couple delivered an energetic production, which definitely got the jury moving, too.

But in the evaluation, as we found in our post-broadcast recap, something strange happened.

At one point it was as if we had lost our old violets

– the singer just stood with her head down, as if she had not even heard what was being said to her. Then Teila quickly gave him a little bottle of mineral water, fearing he might get sick – Olah drank it, and then he noticed he was not thirsty and fell back into that rather detached state, while Tommy Sipos caught him with one arm around him. for him.

It has not yet been revealed whether the singer is really sick or exhausted: Ola Iboulia, after receiving so many disturbing messages, explained her behavior on her Facebook page on Tuesday evening.

Dears! Many of you have written to me that you are worried about me. That’s right, I’ve had a really tough few weeks behind me. The very exciting rehearsals of the châtreban châtre, plus a lot of studying, the daily commute from the countryside to rehearsals and performances sapped me a bit of energy. At night on the highway, the gas station attendant looks at me in amazement, not understanding what I do there every day

The singer wrote in her post, adding:

You know, I’m strong, I managed to rest on Monday and I’m already getting ready for the weekend with Alf. I enjoy many changes, there were quite a few songs that I really liked. The team helping us get ready is doing a great job, I admire them! Many thanks to them and everyone who works with us and with us! Hold me tight, your love means a lot to me, it gives me strength!

You can find Ibolya Oláh’s post here: