Index - FOMO - For five years, the FBI has been searching for a Bulgarian crypto scammer who grabbed billions of dollars

Index – FOMO – For five years, the FBI has been searching for a Bulgarian crypto scammer who grabbed billions of dollars

The con artist was born in 1980, in Bulgaria and moved with her family to a small German town, Schramberg, at the age of ten. It is interesting that his younger brother is currently facing a prison sentence of 90 years in the United States for his cooperation with the Bulgarian mafia. At the age of twenty-five, he received a doctorate in international law from the University of Konstanz, also known as “Little Harvard” because of its elitism, from which he went to Oxford to study law, and then got a job at the Well. Well-known consulting firm McKinsey.

Described as an aspiring “entrepreneur”, in 2014 she co-founded the cryptocurrency OneCoin, which has been dubbed the “Bitcoin Killer” and modestly advertised. Unfortunately for many, Ignatova really excelled in marketing, in just three years she convinced millions of people that this is a business worth investing their savings in. Let’s not forget, at that time, alternative payment methods were not widely known until now, people only saw that there is a CEO who wears expensive things and diamond jewelry, convincingly presented herself and her company, which later turned out to be a scam, as a professional.

Thanks to presentations and advertisements, customers came who were not interested in the topic and who could easily be influenced. Of course, after a while, the authorities also began to notice the matter, the woman’s partner was also arrested, and their apartment was bugged. Ignatova realized this and boarded a plane to Athens on October 25, 2017, the last time she was officially seen in body. Since there have been a number of (supposed) views since then, in fact, last year he appeared in a YouTube video where he announced that OneCoin was relaunching, and of course he tried to convince people that this was really going to be a chance of their lives now, too bad to skip. Will the four billion dollars he reach be scarce?

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Bodyguards loaded with designer bags

Ignatova lives off the money of the people who mined her cryptocurrency, and also owns at least two luxury properties, one of which is located in the chic South-Kensington area of ​​London. The four-bedroom penthouse apartment also has a pool Expensive artwork, including several Andy Warhol paintings. As mentioned, the woman who committed the contract fraud also didn’t save herself, for example, the janitor recalls when he and his bodyguards came home from a shopping trip in a way they could barely cross. Lots of paper bags were hanging on it, full of expensive fancy bags.

But he also has a $2.5 million holiday villa on the Bulgarian coast, and certainly a $7.5 million, 6-cabin yacht, which he probably also made into his home by now, since he’s not on deck. You want to enter any Mediterranean country, but you prefer to stay in open international waters, where national authorities are not competent.

On the front page, she is the eleventh most wanted woman in FBI history

The basis for the success of the entrepreneur was her communication strategy, which we have already mentioned. Ignatova wasn’t a fan of half-solutions in this either, if it’s a goose, then let it be on a fat foundation. He actively distributed a Bulgarian Forbes editorial cover, but also positioned himself on the cover of other trade newspapers in order to impress his potential clients as much as possible.

It looks like the scam could get you anywhere between $110,000 and $118,000 for training packages that actually come with tokens and start mining. From time to time, huge events were held (from Columbia to London to Dubai), where expensive champagne was just sprinkled. Despite the hype, investors began to see that this was just an MLM system. They were not wrong, because, for example, the underlying blockchain technology was completely missing from OneCoin, which was set to be fast, secure and stable in value. So it was only a matter of time before the balloon exploded. Before disappearing, the woman also sent an email to her business partner: “Take the money, run and blame someone else!”

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(Cover Photo: Dr. Rosa Ignatova. photo: wikipedia)

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