Index - FOMO - Everyone is welcome at Damu Roland's funeral, but they don't want discord

Index – FOMO – Everyone is welcome at Damu Roland’s funeral, but they don’t want discord

Hungarian actor and model Damo Roland was laid to rest in Budapest. His family wanted to bury his former character in Jóban Rosszban in Debrecen, he said before his aunt went to the hospital: he wanted to have a final resting place in the capital.

The actor’s relative revealed that he will start organizing the funeral within days.

He always said that once he passed away, he would like us to put him to rest in Budapest. We will make this wish come true

Said’s nephew Damo Roland. According to him, the actor commissioned his grandmother to organize the funeral, who still could not understand what happened.

Obviously we would welcome anyone who wants to say a worthy goodbye to Roland, but we don’t want to have any problems or conflicts.

The actor’s relative said pepperKnack. He added that his mother and cousins ​​Damo Roland grew up together. He said he deserved to leave with love.

Damo Roland was waiting for her recovery on a ventilator for the first time, but because she did not respond well to treatment, she was transferred to another hospital, where she underwent surgery. Finally, after a long illness on Monday Died. The actor was 47 years old.

(Cover image: Damo Roland. Photo: Hard Cossack Bag / MTI)

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