Index - FOMO - End of Solitude: Kiss Tibi can meet the Quimby members again

Index – FOMO – End of Solitude: Kiss Tibi can meet the Quimby members again

As Index previously wrote, Quimby announced in an announcement last July that the band’s captain had decided he needed a break, so Retire for therapeutic purposes From the public and the media. Then Kees Teppe wrote the following on the band’s Facebook page:

By the end of 2019 I was completely exhausted but the biggest problem was that I didn’t ask for help with problems and wanted to solve my problems on my own. I am now in therapy and focused on my recovery. I’m so sorry I have to miss this party season and can’t meet in person, but I trust we can be together again as soon as possible and happily dance in the rain. In the meantime, take care of yourself, I will apply soon and I am not afraid to ask for help if you need it! Trust your understanding and support, my dear

Because of the above, the band canceled their planned shows for 2020. Not much could be heard about the singer for a long time, keyboardist Quimby spoke for the first time at the end of December. wmn.huIn an interview, which revealed that Kis Teibi decided in February to quit due to his alcohol problems. Szilárd Balanyi also mentioned that before that the singer had been in Komló for 15 years due to his alcoholism. For a long time he seemed to be recovering well, they were able to continue working with the band, but now he needs help again.

Then, the Quimby members spoke at an online press conference in mid-February about the condition of the front man. Then they said there is a period of isolation now, so not many can keep in touch with Kees Tepe. The singer’s last message about rehabilitation was:

I’m here I do My business, you do your thing outside.

There appears to be a change in Kiss Tibi’s condition now. The band announced in a statement on its Facebook page that the band members could reunite. Entry will be communicated unchanged upon their request:

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“Dear audience!

Quimby’s squad may be having a very rough time behind them, but as part of our world we wake up parallel to the silence of the pandemic, so we look forward with increasing confidence. That’s a big thank you too, thank you for the abundant support and positive energy flowing towards us from you!

Taibi’s treatment is no longer going on in isolation, so we reached out again.

We have a chance to meet in person, after a long time we can hug each other. This is certainly an important milestone, but it does not mark the end of the journey for which we have given Tibi our unconditional support.

In addition to all the good news, unfortunately, we have to cancel the Plus-Minus concert, promised by the Altera Festival on July 15, for technical reasons. We apologize to those we are disappointed with. The next time you meet the “Quimby Plus-Minus” formation will be on July 30, at the 30th Valley of the Arts. In particular, we would like to ask the press not to disturb Tibi in her efforts to focus on her recovery, as described above. Thanks to Quimby”

(Cover Photo: Tibor Kiss, singer of Quimby in 2014. Photo: László Beliczay/MTI)

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