Index – FOMO – Brad Pitt wants a retired life, he can say goodbye to Hollywood

Brad Pitt’s fans may be worried, as the actor sold a majority stake in legendary Hollywood production company Plan B last month, and sources close to him claim that this is actually part of a plan in which Pitt He will be off the squirrel wheel in Hollywood.

the Information from PageSix According to Pitt, through the B-Plan agreement, in which he sold 60% of the company he founded with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, to one of the French media, this could be a precursor to a really serious decision.

Brad decided he wanted to live a quiet life and was going to decide how much he liked the semi-retired lifestyle

– one of the insiders told the newspaper.

According to a person close to the Oscar-winning actor, the decision probably doesn’t mean he’ll retire completely from acting, but he’ll pick up the pace and put his business in the parking lot.

One thing she has decided is that she will most likely continue after this acting, but she is staying away from any other business ventures

Detective added.

You can move to France

As Index has reported many times, Brad Pitt’s heartbroken relationship is one of divorce over the years Most of the gunpowder scene Miraval Vineyard in France, which he bought with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

Now the escaped actor from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood will move here, who will be able to devote himself to many of his passions, winemaking and art, on the estate.

He is considering leaving Hollywood and moving to France, where he will work in viticulture, art and furniture making. He just wants to live in peace

Another source told the newspaper.

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According to the informant, who asked not to be identified, Brad Pitt remains committed to his film career and is not going to stop filming entirely.

Although Brad devotes a lot of time to the business working on the Miraval estate – which he bought with Angelina Jolie – and to his other passions such as architecture, he’s not going to give up playing the lute for good, as he’s committed to his film career.

he added.

(Cover photo: Brad Pitt on December 15, 2022. Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images)