Index - FOMO - Balázs Sebestyén begged for his life in the hotel

Index – FOMO – Balázs Sebestyén begged for his life in the hotel

After last year’s success, Balázsék repeated their boat tour: the presenters of Rádió 1 took to the air from the middle of Lake Balaton on Friday morning, while crossing the waves with a double-decker boat called Siófok. Three hundred students were also taken on the tour, and of course the band Dead Money, which hosted those on board with exclusive small concerts.

To first make something out of something is always a very big thing. Although we didn’t think it would be a series at the time, though

Ferenc Racucci remembered their passing last year when Willhelo gave a concert on board the ship. He said that this was invented at the time because there had been no partying for a long time because of the epidemic, and when they “shot the country” in early summer, they thought they could say goodbye to the epidemic. “Maybe it’s more luxury now because after a short two-month shutdown than before, we thought the holidays were over, we’d start the Lake Balaton season with Wellhello and everyone would live a great life again. However, it turned out in the fall that wasn’t the case. In fact ‘We waited a much longer shutdown, a more miserable and bitter period, which is not over yet again, as everyone is already saying the fourth wave and the delta variant is coming and there will be trouble again in the fall.’ However, I think everyone was looking forward to it now.

It is the turn of the snakes on the beach in the morning, and these people have come here without even knowing if they will be able to get on the boat.”

This was already the case: the ship ran out of port at 7 in the morning, so those who wanted to accompany the radio crew had to get up very early, due to the limitations of the personnel, the presenters could not take everyone with them. This was taken very seriously by most people, the first class arrived just before 2am and the next passenger joined at 3am. Of course, they also got on board, but with only 300 people outside the crew, many missed the party.

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The radio stations also got up very early, although they had already reached Siofok the night before. Balázs Sebestyén came with his own car, and although he wasn’t very lucky on his last trip to Lake Balaton, there was no problem getting off this time.

I ran away, thank God. We came without traffic jams. I also had gasoline, we refueled, so now I’ve dropped 90 km pretty well.

The index radio said with a laugh between two logins. On the other hand, his night was no longer very pleasant, after dinner, several hours of suffering ensued.

“We went to eat with the staff, the atmosphere was very good. However, after 6 pm I no longer eat. Not because I am on a diet, but simply because I can sleep peacefully and relax well. Here at half past ten we ate like this

Until 2 at night I begged for my life in the hotel for someone to help.

It’s Janie’s world anyway, she loves restaurants, she loves to eat and we had a really rough happy evening together, but I almost died. I’m just not used to it. The restaurant was very good anyway. We chatted with the staff, we were together, we drank, and I really like summer evenings like this. “

He had already joked about what happened on the show, and managed to run the multi-hour show quite loosely. However, more focus is needed in the settlements, not only because of the technical challenges, but also because the students present need to be constantly addressed during and between registrations.

This work is very complicated, you have to count times, you have to pay attention to the students, you have to run a show. The needs should be presented in the broadcast in the same way as on the site. And also to serve the shepherds who stand in line at such times to be with us in such a settlement. And of course we always take pictures, give autographs, but we really like it, because in the meantime, it’s all so much fun

– Explained by Balázs Sebestyén. “However, doing a Dead Money party on a boat in the middle of Lake Balaton while the broadcast is on is totally exclusive, and the students loved it last year too. Obviously the greatest joy is for someone who is here, but sometimes you have to do Something about the people in attendance. Also, this story is a very strong brandy. On a ship with hundreds of people, Dead Money, which is one of the coolest bands, and a morning radio show, these are two strong brands with students that not many people do.”

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According to Ferenc Rákóczi, it would be a more difficult task if the staff left, but regardless, we all love these broadcasts. Seeing how many people are waiting for them at the port and meeting the students with their own eyes is a special moment for them as well.

“We all really love the broadcast part. However, I think Janie and I enjoy the added things better, Baláz’s job is the hardest in such cases, because he has to focus better on the show. When there’s a lot of everything, a lot of people, So many technical issues, so many local issues, whether there’s field strength, obviously it can happen every so often that things technically break down.So far, in the middle of Lake Balaton, we couldn’t talk because we couldn’t connect to the system. But I think we all really love the moment we get to the port in the morning and see a thousand people standing here wanting to board the ship.

It always has a charm, a personal encounter with a student, that’s a very big thing.”

Radio stations spent a lot of time with the attendees and even organized games for them. To get a cash bonus, you can dive into ice water or win a bonus by balancing on the boards on the plane. The hosts often left the unofficial studio and walked around the entire deck – wherever they went, they were broadcast all over the place. Meanwhile, in the basement of the ship, Dead Money gave several small concerts, which were a novelty not only for the audience but also for the band members, because they had never “organised” so early.

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“Basically we’re not a band that plays in the mornings, obviously it was a different case, a semi-unusual story out of our comfort zone, but thank God it baked very well. We got up at half past five because we had an audio setup before the broadcast, so that was the day Very tough, but the energy of the audience made us feel like we were in a festival in the evening. It was a very, very good mood. “Having a concert on a boat in Lake Balaton is really a very special occasion,” said David Marsalco. “Anyway, I really like Lake Balaton.” Balaton, if I can, I spend a lot of time downstairs. I’m quite a hydrophilic person, and I’m pretty flattered by the view. Suppose my skin can handle less sunlight, but I really like the atmosphere of being near the water,” added the frontman, who not only felt comfortable because of that, but also because he had a very good relationship with the radios.

I was often with them on the show, we met at backstage festivals where we had good conversations. Feri Rákóczi and I met up a few times at park parties, and we got to drink quite a few Unicums together at Billy Idol. The relationship between us is very good and friendly, they also love music, festivals and Lake Balaton, so there are many things in common.

The party trip on the Siófok – Balatonfüred – Tihany – Siófok line was about three and a half hours on the water. The passengers seemed to really enjoy being able to meet the Radiumin, who were quite friendly with everyone at the 100th signature. The Dead Money production was also a huge hit, and no wonder the musicians played within arm’s of the audience. According to Ferenc Rákóczi, it’s worth considering organizing a boat trip in the future as well, and it could develop into a chain. If it does well, it is possible that the tour will be repeated with another band at the end of the summer.

(Cover image: Balázs Sebestyén, János Vadon, Ferenc Rákóczi. Photo: Nóra Pogonyi/Index)

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