Index – FOMO – Attila Arba and his Chosen One spoke, this is what happened to them after The Great One

TV2’s reality dating show has ended on Monday night, He is great. In this season, actor and producer Attila Urba was searching for the lady of his heart, finally choosing Timmy. On Thursday evening, the couple spoke to Tények Plusz staff about what happened to them after the show.

As they said, they did not stay together after the show, but the decision was made together, and there was no anger left between them. Timmy also said that if he could, he would start A Nagy Ó again anytime, because he enjoyed what happened on set so much.

I would say this show was an adventure for us. A romantic tale, and yes, there were real feelings in the process. In the end, when we stood in Tuscany and looked out at the landscape, not only did the show come to an end, but so did this romantic tale.

– said Attila Arba, who also added: She has not had a date with anyone since the show, and although there are reasons why they have not stayed together, it is not certain that they want to share it with the public.

Timmy said that he and the actor have a good relationship, they even talk sometimes, and since then he has also seen him in the theater.

(Cover image: TV2)