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Index – FOMO – Ariana Grande Wants to Have Dinner With Jeffrey Dahmer, Victims' Relatives Shocked

Index – FOMO – Ariana Grande Wants to Have Dinner With Jeffrey Dahmer, Victims' Relatives Shocked

As Index previously reported, as ridiculous and amazing as it is, the story of Jeffrey Dahmer has been surrounded by a huge fan following and excitement after Netflix adapted the life of one of the most brutal serial killers.

All this would come as no surprise since the villains and villains that appear in movies are usually at least as popular as the heroes, but a series based on a true story should not have such an impact, especially since Dahmer has proven that you are 17 years old, but perhaps with many people who are treated harshly.

Of course, no one wants to hear that a loved one's murderer was brutally deified by the masses, so the reaction of the mother of one of the American serial killer's victims after getting upset about Ariana Grande is not particularly strange.

Yes, it's about the singer, who always seems innocent and a good girl, who this time attracted attention not on stage, but in the podcast. In the show

Ariana Grande said that if she could choose between the living and the dead to have dinner with, it would probably be Jeffrey Dahmer.

Of course, the answer shocked not only his fans, but also Shirley Hughes, whose son Anthony “Tony” Hughes was also killed by Dahmer. Tony, who was deaf and mute, met his eventual killer in a gay bar in 1991 and was just 31 when Dahmer drugged and brutally murdered him in his home.

Unfortunately, until this happens to him and his family, he simply doesn't know what we're going through. It seems to me that he has lost his mind. It's not fancy or funny to say you want to have dinner with him. Not something you should say to young people, but he did

Shirley Hughes, mother of Anthony “Tony” Hughes, said: To TMZ .

The woman explained that Ariana Grande's comments only serve to increase the killer's popularity, calling on the singer to apologize and explain to her fans that her statements are unacceptable.

(Cover image: Ariana Grande and Jeffrey Dahmer. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue, Curt Borgwardt / Sygma / Getty Images)