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Index – FOMO – Antonia Balint spoke out about her breakup

Index – FOMO – Antonia Balint spoke out about her breakup

Farkas Barsoni wrote on his social media page that he and Antonia Balint broke up “in love and peace” in the spring, which included taking over the role on the show.

At the request of Toncsi (media profession, finances) and as a sign of a beautiful parting, I participated with him in this program, which otherwise only served to reinforce the validity of my decision to separate

– Farkas Barsoni said.

The man did not want to reveal more about this matter when Blikk contacted him, but Antonia Balint was more open. The former broadcaster revealed that he didn’t say yes to the show because of the money, as by his own account, he had been constantly saying no – except on one or two occasions – for eight years to all sorts of media-related inquiries, even to the winning couple.

I didn’t even ask how much money they pay. I worked and studied a lot so that I could prove myself in civilian life. I started building my media career when I was eight years old and worked as a presenter for twenty years. My media career ended in 2015 by my own decision. I didn’t want any kind of media work, and based on my own decision I started a completely different job, in which I invested a lot of energy, and I had to learn a lot.

He said no For the paper Former beauty queen.

He added that it was his partner who encouraged him to listen to the show’s makers, because he was open to the winning couple. Antonia Balint also revealed that Farkas stormed out on her on a Friday at the beginning of March, wrote a breakup letter on Saturday, then stood at her door on Sunday, saying she didn’t think so.

We talked through the door. I did not let him into my apartment and told him that I was not a passerby, and I accepted his decision. However, he did not leave it at that. He kept inviting me to programs, which I declined at first. Then he was so persistent that we started being together again. We went to many places, to events, to the countryside together. I loved being with him again, but what he did did not leave an impression on me.

“When Farkas wanted to come back after the winning double, I didn’t want to. I can’t tell anything but the truth,” he explained.