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Index – FOMO – Another unexpected guest appeared on Balázsék Sebestyén's show

Index – FOMO – Another unexpected guest appeared on Balázsék Sebestyén's show

As we wrote, it works on Radio 1, Balazsek In December, the show's presenters announced that János Vadon would be leaving in January, leaving couple Balázs Sebestyen and Ferenc Rákóczi without him.

As a farewell, they slaughtered live pigs with Janos Vadon, and had already begun to search for a successor. As it turned out, many people are called and interviewed, but it is not certain that someone will stand up on the spot. If they find someone who fits the team, there will be three again, but the goal is not necessarily to replace Vadon, but to find someone they feel comfortable with. They also added that their new colleague might be a woman.

Since then, there has been speculation about who will replace Jani Fadon, but in the first broadcast of the year, the third seat was still empty. January 12 was the first day that Balázs Sebestyén and Ferenc Rákóczi did not host the show together, but with a third person, Fruzsina Kovácsovics. This custom has been kept for this week as well, and one can expect a guest to appear alongside them until Thursday.

They were joined by Mosimbi comedian David Dennis on Monday, and on Tuesday they hosted the show with Julie Svraka-Givai, who previously hosted the show. Puppy time He was one of the heroes of the youth series. Currently, Radio 1 and Balazsek The editor of the show he's appeared on several times already. As said during the broadcast, Petit Puskás will welcome listeners on Wednesday together with Balázs Sebastian and Ferenc Rákóczi, but it is still questionable who will be the third permanent character of the show.