Index - FOMO - Aniko Nádai is tired, she fears her family because of bullies

Index – FOMO – Aniko Nádai is tired, she fears her family because of bullies

Anikó Nádai and her partner, Péter Hajmásy, were the first to be eliminated in the RTL Club The Winning Couple program, which began this week. After his dismissal, the presenter on the social side erupted in a long and hard-to-voice post after several negative posts in the comments section hit his head.

At the beginning of the post, Anikó Nádai stated that she and her partner loved every minute of the show, and although they would have liked to continue playing, she wouldn’t mind it being that way. Since then, the publication has turned into a critical tone.

It’s amazing how many people think of themselves: they know exactly – even without personal knowledge – what kind of person you are, where you make mistakes, and when you should do or say what. I no longer have the strength to face all this hatred. We only had the chance to spend three days in the villa, and I guess we didn’t hurt or talk to anyone. However, there are many who take the courage to kick us wildly. “You have endured this!” , “This entails!” , “Put it on!”

– Aniko Ndaye remembers the hurtful comments, then continues:

No, no one agrees to own a punching bag for others. But where are the limits? Because I feel like everything is free on social media… Anonymous unknown people are crawling into your soul, pushing you deep into the hole. but why? Will this make their lives better? Will they be happier? I don’t think… Are you familiar with the concept of cyberbullying? Because of these people who annoy them, we are there to fear ourselves, our families, and our children.

You can’t even imagine how harmful this is to everyone and society as a whole. To delve into the soul of another, self-respect, life. I will not leave this without a word and I will fight it with all my might! We only got three days of the game, but the grudge was enough for a lifetime

And the presenter closed, stating that he was proud of himself and his partner, and that their love and trust for each other did not break.

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