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Index – FOMO – America was chosen, and it was the most beautiful in the countryside

Index – FOMO – America was chosen, and it was the most beautiful in the countryside

the CNN According to his report, before the final, all 50 member nations chose their own beauty, and Noelia Voigt defeated them.

In the final, the field of 50 players was narrowed down to 20 players for the first time. Then the remaining contestants in bikinis, Then they also paraded in evening clothes in front of the audience.

After the two marches, the number of participants was narrowed to five people: in addition to Noelia Voigt, Savannah Jankiewicz from Hawaii, Jasmine Daniels from Pennsylvania, Luvia Alzate from Texas and Alexis Lomans from Wisconsin made it this far.

Among them, the Utah beauty won, and her bridesmaid was Savannah Jankiewicz. According to CNN, Voigt said during the finale that as a “bilingual Venezuelan American” she would work to create connections between different ethnic communities in the United States after being selected as beauty queen.

For the first time, a married woman appeared in the beauty pageant, and a teenage beauty queen was also chosen

CNN also noted that in Friday’s finals — thanks to a recent rule change, which we also reported here — there will be no “Miss” but rather a “Mrs.” She also competed in the Miss America Pageant.

In other words, a married woman could compete for the first time: Julianna Morehouse Locklear from Maine. Personally. Ultimately he was eliminated from the final in the top twenty selection.

Before Friday’s finals, the Miss Teen USA finals were also held Thursday at the Grand Sierra Resort in Nevada. There, 16-year-old Umasophia Srivastava from New Jersey won, and her maid of honor was 19-year-old Stephanie Skinner from New York.

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In Hungary, the winner of the Miss Hungarian World title was chosen a few months ago. There was also a small glitch in the final match.