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Index – FOMO – Adél Csobot can stop singing

Index – FOMO – Adél Csobot can stop singing

As we wrote about in the index, a new Hungarian film will arrive on October 19, a Cat universeWhich tells a strange love story between a girl and a cat. Also appearing in the film is Adila Ksobut, who has become known as a singer, although she says she does not like cats.

With Hungarian star A Women’s newspaper café He gave an interview in which he was asked not only about the film, but also about his personal life. She stated that her life as a singer ended with the birth of her children.

But I don’t know if this is a break or not

He said. He added that music will always be a part of his life, for example Cat universe He also sang his last song, and stressed that he is always very happy with this type of singing task and is happy to do it.

The beautiful diva got serious

He had always enjoyed the spontaneity of a musician’s career, but as a family man, he no longer felt that problem could be solved. She said that in recent years she has tried to live her life more consciously, which, in her opinion, comes not only with having children, but also with age – the singer/actress will turn 30 next May.

We also previously wrote about their family’s move from the capital once and for all, as their dream home in Balaton Heights has been completed and they’ve been waiting to move in since August.