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Index - FOMO - According to a famous psychiatrist, Britney Spears overdosed

Index – FOMO – According to a famous psychiatrist, Britney Spears overdosed

A big name in his profession, Dr. Charles Sophie is a real crowd favorite in the United States. At the time, he was a member of the advisory board for the Dr.

She says, earlier in the year, Britney Spears’ team asked her to consider the singer’s treatment and assess her condition, as it happened several times that she was apparently not in an accountable condition. Incidentally, Irish music director Louis Walsh himself was said to have experienced this himself when he watched Britney appear as a guest on Factor X. The singer replaced Simon Cowell for two days during which he claimed cured for rigid.

He literally had to stop and take it out because it had a lot of medicine and other stuff on it. I am sorry. There was the biggest pop star on the planet, and only in the flesh, because he wasn’t in mind at all. He had a lot of problems

Said Walsh who said that despite the singer’s condition, she sat down for Cowell because she was promised a bag of money in return.

Charles Sophie turned down the request, saying he didn’t want to be part of the dubious deal that had been swirling around the singer for years. According to the psychiatrist, Britney Spears was so stuffed with medication that she was unable to speak in a coherent context, which was cause for concern. The TMZHe said that if the singer was really over-medicated, he would end up in an inevitable vicious cycle. That’s why he came up with a strange idea, that Britney should be released from custody, and yet a thread should be kept. In exchange for you to prove in court from time to time that you are taking the correct medicines.

As for that crooked guardianship and barn, it seemed to have finally come to an end. In early September, Jimmy Spears voluntarily resignedAnd, a few days later, the news came that it was everything just a hoaxAnd in fact, he’s just pretending to the public that he’s finally going to release his daughter—not to mention the news that he’s only willing to step down for the good money. Meanwhile then The ring was also placed on the singer’s fingerAnd the other day the court ruled that Britney Officially emancipated from his father’s guardianship. While, by the way, two films were released to showcase his life. Turns out, one of those was Jimmy Spears He even did Britney’s bedroom microphoneThe singer herself commented on Netflix’s work, although many believe she still has no power over the Instagram profile, so her words in the post were not read.

This is crazy guys. I researched the latest documentary and have to say that sometimes I just scratched my head. I really try to stay away from the drama. First of all, this is the past. Second, could the movie’s dialogue be more corny? And third, they used some of the most beautiful shots in the world about me. What can I say, they really did not regret the energy

The singer wrote in her post, then also posted some hazy lines about the specific Rose project that pop up on her Instagram from time to time, but no one really has a clue what it is. Not even after these lines, in which it’s pretty clear that the project was inspired by a rose that Britney once found at her door, even though she didn’t ask for anything like that. The post, of course, was again accompanied by an embarrassing video in which the singer stands from leg to leg and wears a white dress, as she writes, as a symbol of a new beginning.

By the way, after the release, a recording appeared in which the singer could not only get on a plane, but also seem to be driving her car.

(Cover Photo: Britney Spears July 22, 2019. Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

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