Index – FOMO – A new photo of Bruce Willis, who is seriously ill, has emerged

Last March, Emma Willis, the wife of Bruce Willis, his ex-wife Demi Moore, and their five daughters announced in a joint statement that he is one of the most famous action heroes. in aphasia He suffers, so he stops acting.

Aphasia is a disorder of understanding or producing speech that occurs as a result of a stroke, head injury, tumor, or infection. With long-term treatment, in many cases, if not complete recovery, significant improvement can be achieved. Among the Hungarian actors, Janos Kolka has aphasia.

Since the announcement, there have been few updates about the star who spends most of her time with her family and friends and rarely appears in public. Now he did, and the paparazzi started clicking their cameras as soon as they saw the Die Hard movie star.

Before retiring, Willis reunited on screen with former co-star John Travolta in Paradise City. The film is one of the last Willis completed daily Mail.

(Cover photo: Bruce Willis on January 24, 2023. Photo: