INDEX – FOMO – 77-year-old Ferro Nagy wrote his will

Great Vero about his daily life He stated that he did not mind at all that he had a little free time. If there were more, it would not be a problem for him, he would rediscover himself: he would like to spend an hour or two at home or play with his dogs.

However, I’d say I’d rather work than not be interested in me. Fortunately, we travel a lot with the band in the summer, and it’s a half break, almost a vacation for us. Filming is currently over, but there is always someone else to take his place. I have a lot of work in the house too, spring is coming, there is a lot of work in the yard at this time, as soon as I have some free time, of course I do it. I don’t know what to think, thank God or unfortunately, but I have very little time, I have a lot of requests, which I am glad to fulfill. Few people know, but on Sundays I host a program on Royal Radio, I don’t have a single dull moment

said Beatrice FW. He explained that despite being 77 years old, he is still very strong, dynamic and fit as ever. On the one hand, he thanks God for this, and on the other hand, he does everything he can to prevent him from becoming a “tired, old uncle.”

He left a will to his wife

Ferro Nagy said it often Your loved ones matterhis family, so he didn’t want to leave behind any inconvenience if he left, so he had already made the necessary preparations.

A person must take everything seriously, and has a duty to take care of his family, so I also thought of the will. However, in our case, it was not me who was interested in this, but my wife, but it suited me perfectly. We shared what we had, and what is important to me is that everyone will be in equally good shape when the time comes. Of course, it’s not a big inheritance! I have a house and two dogs

– summed up the musician A.S for pepper.

Her youngest, fourth grandchild was born six months earlier, and she said he was The greatest happiness in your life when you can spend time with him.

(Cover photo: Vero Nagy. Photo: Tamás Kaszás/Index)