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index – flag – gmail policy changes, your account can be deleted

index – flag – gmail policy changes, your account can be deleted

Google’s policy has changed, and stricter rules apply to the activity of user accounts. If you don’t use Gmail, YouTube, or the company’s other services for a while, your access will be terminated and all of your account’s contents will be deleted one by one, he writes. HVG.

According to Tuesday’s announcement, Google accounts that have not been accessed by their owners for a long time will be deleted. The policy announced by the company will be implemented in 2020.

The company explains this for security reasons: Abandoned accounts are more vulnerable, and their owners don’t even notice if attackers try to take control of their accounts.

According to Google, an account that has not been accessed for two years will be classified as inactive and its entire content may be deleted. In such cases, Google deletes your data, contents and memories in Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Meet, YouTube and Google Photos.

This policy applies to all personal Google Accounts. Any access to the above services is deemed to be a Google Account.

Google promises that it will try to bring the deletion to the user’s attention several times before deletion, but those who don’t check emails and notifications for the particular account will likely not be informed of the danger. It’s important to note that the activity is account-specific, not device-specific. So, if someone uses multiple Gmail accounts, for example, they need to visit all of them to keep them active.