Index - Flag - A mysterious blue thing sitting at the bottom of the sea

Index – Flag – A mysterious blue thing sitting at the bottom of the sea

Researchers are crazy about the blue cocoon that can’t be classified anywhere in the deep sea, which was found at the bottom of the sea in the Caribbean.

On August 30, during a sea expedition, several blue creatures appeared discovered Researchers near Saint Croix, one of the US Virgin Islands. The researchers operated their underwater remotely-operated (ROV) robot from aboard the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) research vessel, which has spent the past four months surveying the North Atlantic for NOAA. Journey to the Ridge 2022 As part of his research series.

As with other dives, NOAA was making a live broadcast of what it was seeing at sea, and then, during the live broadcast, the researchers noticed an unusual, blue-colored creature underwater. They could not identify it, but suspected soft corals, sponges, and even a marsupial. So far, members of the expedition only know for sure what can’t be done.

She’s definitely not a rock, but that’s the most we can say about her

One researcher joked.

Other interesting things were found while diving, such as green-eyed fish (Chlorophthalmidae), cold fish (Sternoptychidae), Polymiixidae fish, glass sponges, bamboo corals, and rarely seen fossilized corals.

The researchers said they’re sending photos and videos to reef and sponge experts to identify the creature, but that won’t be easy because there are about 2,000 species of soft corals, about 8,500 sponges and about 3,000 marsupial species, according to the Smithsonian Institution of Oceanography. .

The research team said this sticky puzzle is the perfect example of what makes these expeditions so interesting and important.

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(Cover Image: NOAA Ocean Exploration)

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