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Index – Economy – Zelensky proposes extending the gas export ban to Ukraine

Index – Economy – Zelensky proposes extending the gas export ban to Ukraine

The export ban was imposed shortly after Russia fully invaded Ukraine in February 2022, and has been extended until 2023. Zelensky’s newly introduced decree also calls on the Ukrainian government to increase the capacity of the Ukrainian gas pipeline in order to “import natural gas and fill underground gas storages.” According to what was reported by Reuters. Reuters.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Smyhal announced last month that Ukraine was ready to supply foreign energy traders with up to half of its 30 billion cubic meters underground gas storage capacity.

Oleksiy Chernysov, head of Naftohaz, the largest state-owned gas producer, said earlier this year that the country aims to increase gas production to 19.1 billion cubic meters by 2023 and hopes to get through the winter without fuel imports. A few days ago, it was also revealed that Naftohaz would not extend the contract to transport Russian gas through Ukraine to the European Union, which expires at the end of 2024.

So far, only countries without a sea coast have withdrawn shipping.

Meanwhile, Chernyshov called on the European Union to accelerate the process to end Russia’s dependence on gas, even earlier than planned, by 2027. According to the company’s CEO, “it is ridiculous to support Russia by purchasing Russian gas in wartime.” As he highlighted, Russia has used natural gas and oil as weapons.

And the Bulgarians Additional export duties were imposed on all gas passing through their territories, not just Russian origin, contrary to previous communications. Gazprom received the bill for the additional cost of Russian gas arriving in Hungary.