Index - Economy - You can pull the port application from Bahart

Index – Economy – You can pull the port application from Bahart

The company informed MTI that Balatoni Hajózási Zrt. (Bahart) begins to withdraw the tender to operate the 11-unit marina chain.

The final decision must be made by the general meeting. The Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ), which represents the Hungarian state as the majority owner, had previously confirmed that it would support the withdrawal, so operating Lake Balaton’s ports would remain Bahart’s responsibility, they said. They also indicated that the move was suggested by the board of directors at the initiative of Mihaly Weitzman, a district member of parliament in Fides.

The new CEO, Gábor Veigl, who was appointed in December, would like to review MP’s proposals. The statement said that the suspension of the bid will not affect the developments, as the fleet will continue to be renewed, new ships will be acquired as planned, and new ferries and passenger ships will be contracted soon.

At the request of MTI, Mihály Witzmann said that representatives of the resort area government party had already agreed to withdraw the application in advance:

Recently, sailors and local governments contacted me and fellow Lake Balaton members regarding the planned leasing of marinas.

He added that the efficient and profitable operation of the shipping company is as important as the representation of the people who live in the area and the interpretation of their requests. That is why they and their pro-government counterparts decided to work together to bring about a rethink of port operations.

In this spirit, he said, he began negotiations with the new CEO of Bahart. In addition to operating the berths, increasing employee wages, improving working conditions and the incentive system, acquisitions of new ships, renewal of the existing fleet and programs planned for the year 175 were discussed. Mihaly Weitzman emphasized that the sale of the ports was not yet mentioned, only the leasing was part of Bahart’s plans. However, the new CEO may also decide that the company will change its original plans and that hiring will be off the agenda, the politician said.

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