Index - Economy - Vehicle sharing is the future

Index – Economy – Vehicle sharing is the future

Give two teams as well as one mission. The two teams of two people – from Szolnok and Székesfehérvár – have to arrive at Zámbék’s driving range via Budapest, while solving tasks. In addition, the travel must be completed with unexpected challenges in a way that only enables the use of a zero-emissions electric vehicle and a mobile phone.

The fun and adventurous outing is part of an educational film organized by the Future Mobility Alliance for Sustainability Theme Week. On the one hand, the film shows that the journey is easy, and on the other hand, experts talk about sustainability, the rise and importance of electric cars, and other useful topics related to future mobility.

Education is one of the most important things for us. Technology is evolving day by day and is far ahead of what we can understand. It is very important that we try to proactively help communicate information to the right target audience

– said Gabor Bückler, president of the Future Mobility Association, who revealed that he often uses public transport, often traveling by suburban train from Sixfervar to Budapest, where he arrives at his destination with the help of apps and other modes of transportation.

Gabor Buckler previously spoke of the importance he attaches to the deployment of last kilometer solutions and vehicle-sharing services that complement public transportation.

The task of the two teams was related to this, because after they got to Budapest – the East and West railway stations – they had to travel between different parts of the capital using GreenGo, Share Now, and, and they were even given the task of getting up needing to charge the electric car battery.

In 96-98 percent of the time, a self-owned vehicle is standing by the side of the road, taking up the parking space of other motorists, and taking up valuable city space, while the shared cars of cars are used much more. This car replaces four to six city special cars, thus reducing the load

– Share Now managing director Pence Boday said, adding that many people cannot afford to maintain their own car, so car sharing is very important to them in terms of transportation, and they can complement the use of their own cars and build on them in general. Transmission system.

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It is clear that the spread of electric transportation heralds a sustainable and environmentally friendly future, and vehicle freight is improving. Katalin Sváb, leader of E.ON Hungária Zrt’s e-mobility team, revealed that 30 minutes today is enough to achieve a sufficient charge of 40-50 kilometers with a 22 kW charger, that is, it can be arranged during purchase while the range of electric cars is running. Weather and battery capacity, they can cover an average of 275 kilometers, but there are batteries that can cover 400 to 450 kilometers.

Thanks to them, we are now there that can travel around Hungary, moreover, the technology is constantly developing, and therefore the charging time decreases, while the range increases.

(Cover Photo: A car from a Budapest public car sharing service drives down Lanchid Street on December 29, 2016. Photo: Zsolt Szigetváry / MTI)

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